Climate Change Documentary List


Climate Change Documentaries

Climate Change documentaries on the Subject of Climate Change & Global Warming:

  1. BBC Earth. The Climate Wars
  2. Project Home
  3. PBS NOVA The Big Energy Gamble
  4. PBS NOVA Dimming the Sun
  5. PBS NOVA Extreme Ice
  6. The 11th Hour
  7. PBS Energy e2
  8. PBS Design e2
  9. Zeitgeist Addendum Starts with Economy and ends with Sustainability.
  10. Panorama – Climate Chaos, Bush’s Climate Of Fear
  11. Strange Days on planet Earth Series
  12. CBC, Fifth Estate, The Denial Machine
  13. The Passionate Eye, The Truth About Global Warming
  14. BBC Horizon Antarctica
  15. How Earth Made Us, Human Earth
  16. Catastrophe, Episode 3 Planet of Fire
  17. Force of Nature : The David Suzuki Movie 2011
  18. An inconvienient Truth by Al Gore
  19. Hot Planet BBC
  20. How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth, BBC Horizon
  21. Frozen Planet, episode 7 BBC One
  22. The Great Warming
  23. Surviving progress
  24. Greedy Lying Bastards

For those who are still sitting on the fence due to the commentaries of people like Lord Monckton regarding skepticism of impacts of climatic change and greenhouse gases being a hoax, here is a fantastic resource which highlights how Lord Monckton uses unsubstantiated claims when in the heat of debates.  Anyone can win a debate if they aren’t afraid to make up facts, which scientists usually will never do.

  • and

Another great resource for climate change news can be found here, and its all brought to you by Peter Sinclair.

Climate change can be a frightening subject to watch, but we can’t afford to ignore a lot of the new evidence which is now coming to light.  Have a look for the above documentaries

If anyone has any recommended documentaries on climate change please don’t hesitate to contact via the contact us tab.

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